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Hair removal waxing - Yelena offers a variety of professional waxing for all types of skin for both the face and body. Her painless techniques for removing unwanted hair, will leave your skin smooth and silky for weeks.

. (NEW) Nose Hair Waxing $20   . Brazilian $45 (women only)
. Lip Waxing - $8.00   . Bikini - $25.00 (women only)
. Eyebrow Shaping - $15.00   . 1/2 Leg - $25.00
. Eyebrow Threading - $15.00   . 1/2 Leg - $25.00
. Sides Of Face - 15.00   . Full Leg - $35.00
. 1/2 Arm - $20.00   . Back Waxing - $35.00 & Up
. Full Arm - $30.00   . Chin - $10.00
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Diamond Microdermabrasion Treatment will renew your skin, erase blemishes, acne scars, age spots, hyper pigmentation and restore your natural beauty.  This treatment will also certainly reverse signs of skin damage caused by years of sun rays and aging. .
This intense treatment is designed to reduce signs of skin damage and ultimately erase or improve the following:
. Repair Aging & Sun-Damaged Skin
. Erase Acne Related Scars & Blemishes
. Reduce or Eliminate Stretch Marks
. Deep Clean Enlarged/Clogged Pores
. Restore & Treat Altered Pigmentation
. Erase or Reduce Fine Lines & Wrinkles
. Enhance & Improve Skin Rejuvenation
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Rejuvenate your skin quickly with Yelena’s unique selection of Anti-Aging skin care treatments. Over time, natural aging, sun exposure, and loss of collagen can leave skin looking lackluster, discolored and showing signs of fine lines and wrinkles.   

Her skin care treatments offer the latest technology in non-surgical treatments from Non-Surgical Facial Lift, Micro-Dermabrasion, and chemical peels. These
custom treatments give you great results with no down time.
This gentle treatment focuses on hydrating dry skin, locking in moister and restoring your natural youthful skin:
. Re-Hydrate Dry / Aged Skin
. Restore Elasticity and Natural Moisture
. Eye & Lip Treatments Reduce Lines
. Restore Youthful Complexion
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This treatment is primarily for individuals with dry and/or dehydrated skin. The primary focus of this treatment is to re-hydrate the skin and lock in your natural PH balancing oils. This treatment highly improves long lasting hydration and restores your skins elasticity. The main benefit of this therapy stimulates the sebum, increases circulation and improves skin color in just one session. The natural active ingredients used in this treatment include essential oils of basil, lemon, rosewood and vetivert extract..  
This primary objective of this treatment is to focus on un-blocking clogged pores, intense re-hydration therapy and locking in your natural oils and moisture.
. Unblock Clogged Poors & Deep Clean
. Re-Hydrate & Restore Elasticity
. Lock In Your Natural Oils & Moisture
. Maintain Long Lasting Hydration
. Prolong Your Youthful Complexion
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This invigorating and deep cleaning facial promotes a clear, healthy, & glowing complexion.

A vigorous purifying process penetrates deep into the skin to completely clear out all the pores of any unwanted impurities. This treatment also includes an anti acne mask that will leave your skin fully hydrated, soft and smooth.
This deep cleaning treatment ultimately clears up acne and keeps it away from returning.
. Deep Clean & Unblock Clogged Poors
. Clear Your Skin Of Existing Acne
. Destroy & Prevent Bacteria From Forming Deep Down In Skin
. Galvanic Deep Cleaning Treatment
. Ultrasonic & High Frequency Treatment Zaps Acne in its Tracks
. Keep PH Balance & Maintain Moisture
. Facial Treatments
. Microdermabrasion
. Anti-Aging Treatments
. Re-Hydration Therapy
. Anti-Acne Treatments
. Aromatherapy
. Facial / Body Waxing
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