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Rejuvenate your skin quickly with Yelena’s unique selection of Anti-Aging skin care treatments.  Over time, natural aging, sun exposure, and loss of collagen can leave skin looking lackluster, discolored and showing signs of fine lines and wrinkles. Her skin care treatments offer the latest technology in non-surgical treatments from Non-Surgical Facial Lift, Micro-Dermabrasion, and chemical peels. These custom treatments give you great results with no down time.
This series of gentle treatments described below focus on hydrating dry skin, locking in moister and restoring your natural youthful skin tone. Maintaining your hydration is real easy after treatments.
See below for more information about these 4 Anti-Aging Therapy Treatments
. 1. Curative Age-Defying Facial   . 3. Dry / Dehydrated Therapy Facial
. 2. Eye - Lips & Hand Hydrating Treatments   . 4. Anti-Aging Quick Express Facial
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Curative Age-Defying Facial Enzymatic Peel
1hr session (Regular Price $120) Receive 30% OFF - Limited Time Offer    

Counteract the aging process with this powerfully rejuvenating facial.  This Enzymatic Peel includes a variety of all natural ingredients such as Pineapple Stem, Extracts of Budock Root, Lemon, Marigold, Soapwart and Allantion. This unique blend of ingredients are designed to diminish the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, and help restore the skin’s elasticity. This anti-aging treatment will leave you looking wonderfully and totally refreshed.
    ** Treatment Benefits **                 
. Deep Clean & Unblock Clogged Pores with Facial Steam Treatment
. Re-Hydrate Dry Skin & Improve/Maintain Youthful Skin Elasticity
. Reduce Fine Lines - Wrinkles & Lock In Moisture
Eye - Lip & Hand Treatments
1/2hr sessions (Regularly $50)  30% OFF - Limited Time Offer
This treatment is designed to treat age related conditions such as deep lines around the eyes and lips. It also targets dehydrated skin, and dark circles under the eyes and other age related blemishes. (Included) This Hand Treatment addresses the special needs of mature hands through exfoliation, massage and deep hydration. Immediately, your hands are hydrated, soft and luminous making them look and feel smoother, revitalized and youthful again.  This treatment also includes hand moisturizing treatment with the implementation of warm heated mitts and special hydrating hand serums.
The unique ingredients used in this therapy include sheabutter Tocopherol, chamomile extract, sodium hyaluronate and matrixyl.
    ** Treatment Benefits **  
. Re-Hydrate Dry Skin & Lock In Moisture   . Reduce Visible Deep Wrinkles & Dry Spots
. Reduce or Eliminate Fine Lines   . Restore Elasticity & ReJuvenate Skin Tone
Dry / Dehydrated Therapy Facial
1hr session (Regular price $120) Receive 30% OFF - Limited Time Offer    


This treatment is primarily for individuals with dry, aged and/or dehydrated skin. The primary focus of this treatment is to re-hydrate the skin and lock in your natural ph balancing oils. This treatment highly improves long lasting hydration and restores your skins elasticity. The main benefit of this therapy stimulates the sebum, increases circulation and improves skin color in just one session. The natural active ingredients used in this treatment include essential oils of basil, lemon, rosewood and vetivert.
    ** Treatment Benefits **                      
. Deep Clean & Unblock Clogged Pores with Natural Herb Creams
. Re-Hydrate Dry Skin & Improve Moisture Retention
. Reduce Oncoming Fine Lines and Wrinkles   . Lock In Moisture & Hydration
. Restore Elasticity & ReJuvenate Skin Tone   .

Maintain Long Lasting Hydration

Anti-Aging Quick Express Maintenance Facial
1/2hr session (Regular price $50) Receive 30% OFF - Limited Time Offer    


This treatment is primarily for individuals who recently received a full deep cleaning and hydrating facial.  The main objective of this facial is main and restore hydration for long lasting moisturized skin and maintained elasticity.  This is an excellent choice for a quick lunchtime facial or a fast pick me up on the day of an event. This express facial includes cleansing, exfoliation, soft mask and moisturizing.   This facial is not recommended for those who have not had a full facial in 2 or more weeks time.
. Re-Hydrate Dry Skin & Improve Moisture Retention
. Maintain Long Lasting Hydration & Lock In Moisture
. Reduce Oncoming Fine Lines and Wrinkles
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